About me



 Art is something that we can only begin to learn. Art is present in every human being - more in one, less in the other.

I’m an Artist and Designer. Trhoughout the years i drew and paint a lot and i mastered almost every technique i come across. One day i thought about what if i could create something unique which i haven’t seen before? So that’s how the Bubbles technique borned! When It happened it was so magical for me! The look of the colorful Bubbles was like a beautiful vibrating dance in my eyes. The bubbles are so tiny like a head of a needle so i had to photograph them with macro lense and then i didn’t do any final touches on the pictures because my purpose was to just let them be in their natural state when i’m printing them.

The foil technique is my other favourite part of the process, with that i can make pictures and postcards which are so vibrant and elegant. I hope that you are find these art pieces as magical as i see them and i would be more than happy if they bring you as much joy as for me when i’m making them Thank you for visiting my shop!

Best wishes

Rita Erni

Kiss Artist